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International Day of Families 2023—Why Family Means Everything to Us at Acorn Stairlifts

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They love us unconditionally, even when we make mistakes. They are there for us in our darkest hour, even when it may not be convenient. They remain faithfully by our sides through all of the tears, the laughs, the heartbreaks, the victories—Through all of life’s ups and downs.

They are our blood, our backbone, and our heart. They are family.

Here at Acorn Stairlifts, we know how much our families mean to us.

Family is the core of our company—The very reason why our company exists today and why we make every effort to provide your precious loved ones with only the best stairlifts and service.

This year on International Day of Families 2023, celebrate alongside Acorn as we take the time to appreciate the invaluable gift of family and the profound impact that they have on our lives.   

When is International Day of Families?

International Day of Families is on May 15 of every year.

This year, in 2023, the day takes place on a Monday.

What is International Day of Families?

First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, International Day of Families is a day designed to promote the well-being of families all around the world.

It serves as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of the role of families in promoting education, healthcare, and social integration.

By reflecting on the challenges that families face in the modern world and recognizing the need for policies and programs that support families, we can not only address these issues, but act on them for lasting global reform.

Beyond shining some light on these important issues, International Day of Families is also an occasion to celebrate the diversity of families around the world and recognize their contribution to society.

What is the theme of International Day of Families 2023?

Each year, the United Nations chooses a theme for the International Day of Families to direct our focus to a particular issue related to families.

Past themes have included topics such as the impact of migration on families, the role of fathers in families, and the importance of work-family balance.

The theme for International Day of Families 2023 is “Demographic Trends and Families.”

Through addressing this topic, the United Nations aims “to share current knowledge on demographic trends, including ageing and intergenerational solidarity; facilitate the analysis of their impacts on family life and recommend responsive family-oriented policies to respond to the needs of families around the world.”

We Care—Why Family Means Everything to Acorn

Why does family mean so much to us at Acorn? Well, as a matter of fact, family is the reason that Acorn Stairlifts exists today.

In fact, this is how Acorn Stairlifts began—with a loved one who needed some help and a caring and concerned son who wanted to give her only the best.

Our founder's mother had just purchased a refurbished stair lift and asked him to help her with some repairs. After repairing his mother’s stair lift, his mother’s friends, who had also purchased stairlifts, asked him to repair theirs as well.

This gave Acorn's founder the idea that there must be plenty of other people out there whose stairlifts weren’t meeting the needs, expectations, or the high standards that their loved ones deserved.

This is why Acorn Stairlifts remains so passionate about what we do to this day.

With such a high number of people around the world who suffer from some type of mobility impairment, disability, or the natural effects that come with the aging process, Acorn wants to lend a helping hand, helping them reach new heights with only the highest quality stairlifts.

Acorn knows that these people are not just numbers.

They’re our grandmothers and grandfathers, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, and children. They are the people we love and care about.

They deserve to live their lives to the fullest, despite their mobility limitations, soaring above the obstacles that once burdened them and not missing out on making more memories with their families.

This is why we take our mission to get you and your loved ones mobile again so seriously.

Let Us Help You Reach New Heights—Contact Acorn Stairlifts Today

When you choose Acorn Stairlifts, you can always trust that your loved ones are in only the best of hands.

If you or a loved one struggle to use the stairs or find yourselves avoiding them altogether, a stairlift will help you rise above these obstacles, granting you full access to the home you love in one seamless, sweeping motion.

Don’t miss out on reaching new heights—Allow Acorn to change your life, granting you freedom, independence, mobility, and confidence with only the best quality stairlifts.

Click here to claim your free, no-obligation quote and learn how you can take the first step towards lifting your life today.

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