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Acorn Stairlifts Fact of the Week—Our Stairlift Quality Assurance is Second to None

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Welcome back, once again, to Acorn Stairlifts Fact of the Week, a segment in which Acorn shares one out of the many cool facts about our world-class stairlift company.

This week, we will be sharing a fact that proves that Acorn’s promise to provide our customers with only the most dependable, high-quality stairlifts is being fulfilled, starting right from assembly within our Acorn factories.

Our Acorn Stairlifts Fact of the Week

All Acorn stairlifts go through an extensive quality-assurance evaluation before they can leave our factories.Acorn stairlifts quality testing

Nothing leaves Acorn Stairlifts’ factories until it has been thoroughly checked and tested.

In fact, all Acorn stairlifts must go through an extensive quality assurance evaluation to ensure that every product sold to our customers is exceptionally engineered and performing as it should.

What Is Done During This Quality-Assurance Evaluation?

During this stairlift quality-assurance evaluation, each Acorn stairlift carriage is checked 29 times by our 20-person quality-assurance team to ensure that you are getting the quality you deserve.

However, Acorn’s quality assurance doesn’t stop there.

In fact, during the stairlift installation process, all installers are required to work through a strict 37-point checklist as part of the assembly process.

These procedures have been put in place to ensure that our stairlifts function flawlessly and safely for our valued customers.

What Else Does Acorn Do to Ensure Our Stairlifts Are Soaring Up to Standard and Beyond?

All Acorn Stairlifts are regularly tested and certified by independent bodies. This of course includes the established standards for stairlifts:

  • BS EN 81-40: 2008- European safety standards
  • ISO 9386-2: 2000- Worldwide standard for stairlifts

In addition, Acorn Stairlifts regularly puts all Acorn models through even more stairlift quality testing.

Each Acorn model must complete at least 25,000 trips (this corresponds to approximately 11 years of use with six trips a day) before it is released for consumer use.

Why Acorn Cares About Quality

We’ve established that all models are manufactured in our own factories by stairlift experts, going through extensive, independent testing procedures—But why do we put in so much work to go above and beyond the minimum, required stairlift regulations?

Acorn does this because we want to be able to look our customers in the eye and tell them that they are getting the safest and highest quality stairlift with full confidence. When you choose Acorn, you will never have to worry about the quality, where your stairlift came from, or who manufactured it.

From the strict standards we adhere to during manufacturing, to our superior stairlift servicing within your home, Acorn Stairlifts is hands-on throughout the entire process to ensure our customers are getting what they deserve—only the best.

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