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5 Fun Family Activities to do for Earth Day 2022: Explore and Enjoy your Backyard Again with an Outdoor Stairlift

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From the depths of the murky, mysterious ocean to the heights of the glistening, ice-glazed mountain peaks, planet Earth is beautiful and brimming with life. It not only mesmerizes us with its beauty, but it provides us a home, graciously gifting us with life.

This is why we must do our part to take care of the planet that takes care of us. This Earth Day, we gather together, giving thanks to the world that sustains us by fighting to sustain it. 

What is Earth Day and When is Earth Day Celebrated?

Earth Day takes place every year on 22 April with the purpose of raising awareness and putting a spotlight on important environmental issues. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet,” which is a call for everyone—from corporations to individuals—to invest in a better, brighter future for the planet that we all call home.

The original Earth Day came about in 1970 by U.S senator and environmentalist Gaylord Nelson in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of clean air and water shortly after a disastrous oil spill in California in 1969. During the event, an impressive 20 million people across the United States, or about 10 percent of the population at the time, took to the streets to support the cause.

Earth Day progressed into an international campaign in 1990, and since then, the world comes together on this special day every year to remind us of the importance of protecting and taking care of our planet.

How to Celebrate Earth Day: Earth Day Activities to Appreciate and Aide the Environment

1. Plant a Tree

Family celebrating Earth DayBeyond the natural beauty of a tree in full bloom, trees provide us with oxygen, cleaner air and water, wood, shelter for wildlife, shade, and fruit. With all of the benefits and beauty that trees provide us with, the least we can do is plant more of them, allowing them to flourish. Grab your loved ones on Earth Day and choose a nice spot on your property to plant a tree together. Watch over time as your tiny, sprouting seed grows into a strong and sturdy tree.

2. Get Some Fresh Air—Enjoy Earth’s Beauty

Though we may take our planet for granted as we go about our daily lives, Earth Day is the perfect day to step away from the chaos and noise and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Whether this means hiking along a nature trail with your loved ones, walking barefoot through the sand in the beachy breeze, birdwatching from your backyard, enjoying a picnic lunch in the park (remember to clean up afterward), or simply basking in the sun and breathing in the fresh air, everyone can find an enjoyable way to appreciate Earth’s natural beauty and the life that it provides us.

3. Start Your Own Garden

Not only does a lush garden produce gorgeous flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables that contribute to the balance of nature (and to your dinner table), but gardening is also a fun activity that can involve the whole family and has been proven to lower stress levels and improve mental health. Do some research to decide what plants you would like to grow, as well as which plants grow best in your climate. Gather some gardening tools, your loved ones, and reap the benefits of growing your own garden and reconnecting with nature.

4. Clean Up Your Community

Use Earth Day as an opportunity to give back to your community and environment by cleaning up litter and trash. Gather a group of friends, a litter picker, some trash bags, and gloves, and pick a location to transform. When you are finished, not only will you feel like a good philanthropist, but you will be able to admire the fruits of your labor from a sparkling clean river bank to an immaculate park.

5. How to Recycle—Practice Recycling and Reusing

Every day is a good day to practice reusing and recycling materials, but Earth Day is a great opportunity to learn, as well as educate others, about how to recycle, what can be recycled, and the importance of recycling for the environment. Search through your trash for anything that can be recycled and sort all of the recyclable goods into different piles of plastic, glass, paper, metals, electronics, and batteries. Reusing/ repurposing these materials is also a good option that cuts back on waste.

Enjoy the Beauty Nature Has to Offer with Acorn’s Outdoor Stairlifts

Here at Acorn Stairlifts, we strive to provide people with the quality of life they deserve by defying mobility impairments with the help of our variety of high-quality stairlifts.

Acorn believes that life is precious and something to be enjoyed, regardless of your limitations. This is why we provide both indoor and outdoor stairlifts that allow you to overcome all obstacles in order to participate in your favorite activities again. Acorn’s outdoor stairlifts allow you to gain access to your backyard, rediscovering and reconnecting with the beauty of nature again. From birdwatching to gardening, Acorn allows you to do what you love in the environment that you love.

To claim your free, no-obligation stairlift quote and home survey, contact Acorn today. Start reclaiming your mobility and independence and reconnecting with the world around you with the help of our life-changing stairlifts.

Happy Earth Day, Mother Earth!

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