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How Vision Impairments Increase Likelihood of Falling Injuries: Stay Safe with a Stairlift

12:00am & Health

It can be hard to see the small words on the page of the book you’re reading. It can be hard to see the cute puppy picture that someone is trying to show you on their cell phone. Sometimes, it can even be hard to see the face of the person waving to you from across the street. However, one thing that is not hard to see is that vision impairment is a common issue that impacts people all over the world.

Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have some form of vision impairment, according to the World Health Organization. Because vision impairments affect daily activities such as driving, reading, and going up and down the stairs, unfortunately, vision impairments can put certain demographics at a higher risk for injury. One of the biggest risks of injury for anyone, but especially for people with poor vision, is falling down a set of steep stairs.

elderly person reading pamphlet for stairlifts Falls are already a major issue, ranking as the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide, but for the elderly population, the risk of falling is even higher. In fact, every second of every day, a person aged 65 and older falls in the United States, making falls the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group. This means that one out of every four older American adults fall each year. Furthermore, older people with poor sight are far more likely to fall than older people that don’t have vision issues, making the risk of injury from falls more than twice as high.

Let’s be honest. Regardless of how good your sight is, it is easy to misstep on a tricky staircase. However, when you are having trouble differentiating one step from another or perceiving the depth and height of each step, the already dangerous staircase can transform into one big, blurry, slippery slope. Luckily, there is a simple solution that can help reduce the risk of a fatal fall, allowing you to glide up and down the stairs safely with your eyes closed—a stairlift.

How an Acorn Stairlift Helps Keep You Safe So You Stress Less About Your Sight

Acorn stairlifts are one of the safest, most dependable products of all of the stairlifts companies, equipped with the most up-to-date safety features and 24/7, 365 day-a-year stairlift customer service. Whether you are nervous about navigating the staircases inside or outside your home, Acorn Stairlifts has got you covered.  Acorn’s stairlift selection includes models for staircases indoors and outdoors, straight and curvy, long and short.

Because Acorn stairlifts are customized to fit to your specific needs and staircase, you will never have to worry about sacrificing the structure or style of your home with messy modifications. Stairlift installation is quick and simple, helping you regain your independence, safety, and peace of mind as soon as possible.

Change the Way You See Stairs with a Stairlift

Stop wasting time worrying about taking a wrong step, and put your effort into taking a step in the right direction. Choose Acorn Stairlifts and start living your life to the fullest. Click here to get a free, no-obligation quote and home survey so that you can change the way you see stairs, cruising on your staircase with confidence.

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The Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation

We are proud to be the very FIRST stairlift company to earn the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation. It is yet another effort that continues to prove that Acorn Stairlifts is a pioneer in the industry, always striving to stay ahead of the game, and to help our customers by providing the absolute best solution for their needs.

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