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When is the Right Time to Purchase a Stairlift?

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You might be considering the purchase of a stairlift for either yourself or a loved one. You may have one question: how do I know it's the right time to buy a stairlift? The answer to that question is not always a one size fits all solution. Several factors can go into the decision to purchase a stairlift for your home. Below you will find some reasons individuals decide it is the right time to buy a stairlift.     

1.) Considering moving - If you live in a home with more than one level or a house with stairs, a stairlift is an excellent alternative to moving from the home you love. If you struggle with the stairs and prevent yourself from living in your home entirely, it would be an excellent time to purchase a stairlift. Save on moving costs and save the memories you've made while also making your home more accessible.    

2) You are seeking more independence- If your mobility has been dramatically impacted by aging or other factors, you may feel your freedom to move through your home has changed. Whether you have a loved one assist you or cannot use all the spaces in your home, it might be time to enhance your independence with a stairlift.    

3) Fearful of using stairs- You shouldn't have to live in fear of using your staircase. It might be a good time to get a stairlift if you are scared of injury while using your staircase and see it as a significant hazard in your day-to-day life. For many aging adults, using the stairs can be a nerve-racking experience. If you feel this way, know you are not alone, and there is a considerable way to curve some of the fear using a stairlift.   

4) Pain while using the stairs- Stairlifts create an alternative for the aches and pains you may feel as you travel the stairs. Using a stairlift is simple and needs little movement to operate. All Acorn Stairlifts are awarded the Arthritis Foundation's commendation for Ease of Use. Our stairlifts can help you move safely up and down the stairs without pain and inflammation.    

5) Your doctor shows concern- No matter your condition, age, or mobility range, it is best to listen to the professionals if your doctor makes a recommendation. If you are on a new medication, have unique needs, or have changed your movability, it is best to find the right solutions per a physician's concern. If they advise you to move safer in your home, a stairlift could suit your situation.    

Every person is different, so every individual's needs may vary. One thing is for sure, if you do not feel safe or would like more out of your living situation; it is the right time to get a stairlift. Your unique needs deserve unique service. Acorn Stairlifts is here to help you with all of your stairlift needs when it is the right time for you; if you would like to know more about having a stairlift fit to your home or how a stairlift can help you visit our CONTACT US page to get in touch.  

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The Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation

We are proud to be the very FIRST stairlift company to earn the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation. It is yet another effort that continues to prove that Acorn Stairlifts is a pioneer in the industry, always striving to stay ahead of the game, and to help our customers by providing the absolute best solution for their needs.

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