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Easy Activities for Dementia Care

12:00am & Tips and Advice

If you are someone working in an elder care facility or know someone who may have dementia, you understand how overwhelming dementia can be for those with it as well as those around them. Research shows that small things like a smile, a hug or words can lift the spirits of someone suffering from dementia. Gentle physical touches have the ability to regulate blood pressure and release hormones that make a person happy.

Below are 25 quick two-minute gestures that require physical touch or words that you can do with someone living with dementia.

    1. When you see them, greet them by name and make eye contact

    2. Try on different hats in front of a mirror with them

    3. Tell them they look beautiful or handsome

    4. Show them a magazine with vivid colors on a page and have a quick chat about it

    5. Step outside to get some fresh air and hold their hand while doing it

    6. Pick flowers together

    7. Have them try a new shade of lipstick or a piece of clothing and show you

    8. Give them a shoulder massage

    9. Toss a light ball back and forth

    10. Stir up old memories such as “how was it like for you growing up?”

    11. Do a light tease about something in their life like a new boyfriend or girlfriend

    12. Say “I love you”

    13. Give them a big hug!

    14. Try a new lotion with them

    15. Have music on? Dance with them

    16. Go outside and blow bubbles

    17. Look at landscape photos or animal videos together

    18. Ask them for help around the house like putting dishes away or hanging up clothes to dry

    19. Do some light gardening together such as watering plants

    20. If you’re out by the beach, walk around picking shells

    21. Experiment with smells. Cover different herbs and spices and see if they can recognize them

    22. Do their hair

    23. Read different stories or poems to them

    24. Talk about which fruit and vegetables are in season

    25. Sing songs together




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