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Babysitting Linked to Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s in Women

12:00am & Health

Having children around is known to keep adults young, and a recent study from the Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia proves just that. The results show that babysitting grandchildren can help women lower her chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

The overall consensus of the study shows that grandmothers who spend one day a week with grandkids or small children can boost cognitive health and lower the risk of social isolation (such as depression). On the otherhand, that same study showed that those who cared for children full time (5 days a week) is not beneficial in lowering the chances of Alzheimer's because it can overload the mind and be too stressful.

You can read more in detail about this study here.

With the differences in age, finding an interest between a grandparent and grandchild can be difficult. Below is a small list gathered by of activities that grandparents and grandkids can do together.

    - Have a tea party

    - Go camping outside    

    - Create and discover your family tree

    - Visit a farmer’s market

    - Go on a walk on a nature trail

    - Play a card game

    - Take a trip to the zoo

    - Teach them your favorite hobby


What activities do you like to do with your grandchildren?



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