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Give the Gift of Social Media

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Figuring out what to get grandparents and senior parents is a popular dilemma when it comes to the holidays. It seems to be that as we get older, shopping for our loved ones become more challenging especially when you want to give something thoughtful and something that they’ll use and appreciate.

Senior Care Corner suggests giving the gift of social media to someone special in your life this year! According to Pew Research Center, about 64% of people 50-64 years old and about 37% of those 65+ use at least one social media site.

There are many benefits for people of all ages to have and use social media, and we've provided a few of those benefits:

Benefit 1 - keeping in touch with family: More often than not families are spread out across the globe. Whether it’s through photos on Instagram, chatting through Facebook messenger, or using Skype or FaceTime to video chat, social media is a popular tool to keep in contact with family and friends.

Benefit 2 - photo/video sharing: Another benefit to having social media is to have the ability to share photos and videos of important events. If they weren't able to make it out to a wedding, they'll be able to see those special moments through photos and videos posted on social media.

Benefit 3 - be part of the community: Having the access to be part of an online community can help with staying connected to the world. This allows seniors to feel close to something whether it’s a local senior group page on Facebook or just being able to keep up with current events.

Benefit 4 - coupons: Retail companies sometimes link coupons through their social media pages, providing a fast and easy way of saving some money without having to go into the store!

Benefit 5 - brain exercise: Believe it or not, all of the benefits listed above are good to stimulate the senior brain. Being able to read articles, have connections and watch videos can keep the mind young.




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