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Daily Aspirin: Take it or Leave it?

12:00am & Health

A new study released shows that those who are taking a daily aspirin to avoid heart disease and stroke could actually be at risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Until now, medical professionals encouraged a small daily dose of aspirin (about 75-100 milligrams), but a more recent study found that taking low-dose aspirin is associated with an increased risk for bleeding if you have not had a history of any type of cardiovascular disease.

About 23% (29 million) of US adults 40 years or older were reported taking aspirin every day to prevent heart disease, and 6.6 million of those are doing so without speaking to their doctor first. 

Aspirin is designed to reduce the stickiness of blood platelets to avoid clotting, but taking it daily can increase the chances of internal bleeding. These new findings lead to the American Heart Association to change their guidelines in March for aspirin use:

    - Those over 70 who do not have heart disease should NOT take a daily aspirin.

    - If you are at risk of bleeding, speak to your doctor first before taking aspirin to see if it’s right for you.

The new recommendation for taking aspirin does not apply to people who have a history of stroke or heart attack or to those who have undergone procedures such as stent insertion or bypass surgery.

Read more about the study here, and always make sure to consult your doctor first before making any changes or additions to your diet/lifestyle.




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